Monday, October 31, 2011

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Friday, October 28, 2011

Christmas stamps for $5???? Yup!!

So who loves Christmas stamps??? Who loves being able to cut out the shapes on their cricut first and save their hands from hand cutting?? Me me!!! I am so excited to tell you about Novembers deal with CTMH. It's a beautiful Christmas stamp set that coordinates with the cricut cartridge!!

Starting TODAY, October 27th 2011, until November 30, 2011.
When you place a minimum order of $25 in my Acrylix Stamp sets, you can add a new D-size Holiday Wishes stamp set (CC1015) for only $5.
Half the images coordinate with the Cricut® Art Philosophy collection, so you will be all set to create quick and easy handmade gifts and cards for the holidays.

This is in addition to the usual Stamp of The Month that is available for $5.50 with a $55 order. I'm including a picture of Octobers Stamp of the month too since you still have a few days left to get this one.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Who doesn't love giveaways right?!?!
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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My Memories Suite software... Need your input?!

Could I be a scrapbooker after all???

Well since I now have my 2 year old and 2 month old now I'm finding myself more and more wishing I enjoyed scrapbooking. I don't want to just put the kids photos in a book, and I cannot imagine paying someone else to do it for me when I have all the supplies necessary already.....
I've looked into Digi scrapping before since I know how to use Photoshop a bit but the idea of scouring the net for embellishments and masks to use or spending endless hours making my own just does NOT appeal to me! Is much rather spend the time with my family or making other papercrafts in my "spare time" (whatever that is lol).

I've seen tons of scrapbooking software out there but they all seem to not quite get me excited enough to try them. Either they are limited to their own pages and elements or you can add your own in but you have to track them all down or create them first (at which point I may as well just stick with Photoshop right?).
Anyways long story short (like I know how to really do that... Yeah right!!) I came across this software and am actually thinking "have they met me? How did they know I needed this??"

It has layouts in the software and even pre designed albums (themed of course), lots of embellishments to choose from and you can customize all the pre done stuff too so you're not stuck with their exact layout or choice of embellishment. I know I know theres other software out there that has this ... But it also has a whole store full of new layouts, masks, embellishments, themed kits and often freebie ones there too. That's not why I think it's for me though... This is: it has the ability to open one of their pre designed albums and then just click on the lazy button (just kidding it's not called that) seriously though it has a quick fill or auto fill (not sure of the exact wording) feature so you pick the file on your computer with the pictures you want in that album (Christmas pictures or summer pictures etc etc etc) and it will fill the album in for you placing horizontal and vertical pictures in appropriate openings. You can either just leave it like that and be done a whole album in minutes OR you can then play around with it and mice stuff around, delete things, change the embellishments etc etc. You can even add audio!!! So a baby album with audio of baby laughing or babbling or Christmas album narrated with some favourite moments. You can leave it digital or print it. You can use it to print cards, calendars etc. You can then add traditional elements to them too if you want. Oh did I mention their website also has tutorials? I joined their Facebook page too and they have lots of great stuff posted there all the time too!

I think I will ask for it for Christmas from DH and the kids. Before I do though I WANT TO KNOW WHAT YOU THINK!!! Have any of you used this software before? Do you like/love/hate it? Tell me all the nitty gritty!!!

I signed up for newsletter and some other stuff and I have a discount code to share if you dint have it already and decide to get it too (yup a few people commented and messaged me and I am convinced now I think). Here's the code for you to use :

Use code STMMMS60098 at checkout to save $10

This will give you $10 off. There is also a $10 coupon in the software for more layouts or whatever from their site. So ends up being $29.99 for the program plus $10 worth of extra stuff. Yay!! Now I just have to convince DH that I need it early!!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

More to come!!!

This was a card class I did. The white card with the swirls is a complete scraplift from
Please check out Anns post for that one!! Thank you Ann for letting me use this idea!!

The rest are my own designs!
Everything on these cards (with the exception of the ribbon on the white card from Ann) is cut out on the cricut from the Art Philosophy cartridge!!

Can you see why I love this cartridge so much???

I will do a separate post for my designs.

Another shaped card!

Okay so this is yet another card entirely made from the Art Philosophy cartridge!

I haven't added a sentiment yet because it is such a versatile card that you could make a bunch of these and just have them on hand then simply stamp an appropriate sentiment when you need a quick card! It's also versatile enough that you could give this to an adult or a kid. You can change up the colours and make it more whimsical too.

You can order this cartridge through me at

Right from the idea book.. With a little twist

You can actually see this exact design in the idea book so why did I make it and am posting it right??
Well.... The big difference between mine and the one in the idea book is that mine is entirely done with the cricut cartridge whereas the one in the idea book uses the bought shaped cards.

I like that you can duplicate this without having to spend money on costly shaped cards! Heck you could even use a different shaped card if you wanted I just wanted to see if I could duplicate the one from the idea book and... You can!!
You can order this cartridge and lots of other coordinating stamps (like that holly leaf and the label stamp) here:

Look at my post from yesterday to learn all about the cheat sheets that I make just for my customers!!

Flowers flowers everywhere!!

Just thought I'd show a little assortment of the 3D flowers from the new Art Philosophy cartridge (of course). These are spiral flowers meaning they cut out as a spiral (like the ones shown around the flowers) then you simply roll them up and glue them down on the little circle in the center.

SUPER easy!!
Oh and the brown and ivory speckled ones?? Yup, they're cut from MATERIAL!! I simply stiffened my fabric (an old curtain that was kicking around from one of my DHs uncles or his Dads room as a kid it has antique cars pictured on it but I just cut in between them for the mist part) with "Stiffy" fabric stiffener. You just paint it on. I let it dry overnight and then cut it out.
I use painters tape to tape anything other than cardstock down to my may around the edges to make sure it doesn't shift.
Only had to do a multicut of 2, and I just used a regular blade. Didn't even bother to slow the speed down either. :)

Don't forget you can order this cartridge from me here:

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Gift bag from Art Philosophy cartridge

Okay so sure there's some boxes and a regular gift bag ON the cartridge but how about one made from one of the label shapes???

I cut one of the many label shapes from the Art Philosophy cricut cartridge and measured 3/4 inches from center on the long side each way and scored a line. Then I measured the same distance in from each edge on the short side and scored. Fold up and you get a cute little gift bag!!
I have done this before with my Spellbinders grand label dies but this is so much easier!!!
To get the white edge like you would with a spellbinder die simple cut the same shape a little smaller and then use the negative over your bigger cutout and sponge ink onto it through the opening. (hope this makes sense).

I finished it off with a strip of red and a 3D flower (there are 6 different ones on the cartridge and they take less than a minute to assemble!).

I made this at the demonstration day for Carousel Rubber Stamps for something to do in between people watching the actual demonstration of the cricut itself.

Oh and I couldn't help but add the picture of that cute little girl I cut from the once upon a princess cartridge out of magnet forever ago! I have been making these cuties up to package up as gifts for all the little girls I know. They are cut from magnetic sheets from the dollar store (they have adhesive on top meant to stick a photo onto so you can just stick your cardstock down on it!). I plan to cut the clothes to fit the dolls to go in the package too and the girls can "dress" them up. :)

Art Philosophy coordinating stamps

Okay so if you've talked to me at all lately you know I am in LOVE with the new Close To My Heart Art Philosophy cricut cartridge... So much so that I signed up as a consultant!
I can honestly say that since I've gotten this cartridge I have not touched my other ones, and not because I was trying to only use this one but because every time I thought "now what cartridge has that shape" id realize that it was on this cartridge too!!
It has circles, ovals, squares, rectangles, scalloped versions of all of them, tags, label shapes (normally I would have to dig my Spellbinders out for these), assorted leaves, branches, birds, shaped cards, frames, stockings/socks, poinsettias, holly, ornaments, cards with images cut out of the front, flowers (both flat and 3D spiral ones.... Which I'm in love with!!), boxes, envelopes and lots more!!!

Anyways as much as I love this cartridge and the fact that it has stamps that coordinate to fit perfectly with some of the shapes (well that just puts it over the top!!! ) I was a little disappointed. Let me explain....
The stamp sets have the size each image needs to be cut at right on the sheet they are stuck to (however it is written REALLY tiny) but it doesn't tell you which shape in the handbook it is. This becomes time consuming a bit when youre using it constantly since there are 700 shapes in the cartridge to look through to find it! Soooooo... I thought well I am just going to make a cheat sheet for myself. I was so pleased with how it turned out and I thought well... I already took the time to find them all so I'm certainly not going to let anyone that orders from me spend all that time again.

Long story short I am sending already made up cheat sheets to anyone that orders through me for the stamp sets that come with the cartridge. If it's another stamp set that coordinates and I have it or you're local and have it shipped to my address than I will do one for those sets too. (I make them line up perfect with the actual stamp set so I actually need the set in order to do this).

I have all the shapes cut out of white (and stamped in black if it's a set I own) then they have repositionable adhesive on them so you can take them off the cheat sheet and place on your project to see if you like that image/shape there or not and gave an idea of how it will look. When you pull the shape off it reveals a cheat sheet underneath (see the maple leaf)... It will tell you what row and column on the keypad the button is for the shape and also if you need to press shift and/or any feature keys; it will also say what size to cut it at! Yay!!! I also stamp the non coordinating things in the stamp sets (like sentiments and such) on the black part in white ink. This whole thing slides right into your stamp envelope with your stamps so that it's all together or you can take it out and store elsewhere for quick reference if you prefer. Since the whole set is stamped you can still see the whole set through the packaging on the cheat sheet.

More of a visual person like me... How about some pictures of what I'm talking about???

Here are the pictures of the stamps that come with the cartridge (3 stamp sets plus 3 packages of chipboard shapes that coordinate with cuts from the cartridge come with it).

You can order from me here:

Friday, October 21, 2011

The reason for a lack of posts

I just thought I'd share a couple pictures of why you haven't seen any recent posts from me. We also lost my dear father in law after his 4 1/2 year battle with cancer on August 27.
The picture with both kids is my 2 1/2 year old angel with his little sister the day she was born (August 2) and the other of just her is one I took just a couple hours ago. The 2nd 3rd and 4th pictures are what I am so proud of my DH for making lately. He created this carving out of acrylic to use as a temporary headstone for his Dad. I think he would be proud don't you?? The darker one is holding it up to a light source (in this case the sun outside)

I've still been doing cricut classes and creating things and was even honoured to be able to participate in Carousel Rubber Stamps 17th birthday demo day last weekend. It was a blast!!!
Unfortunately for my blog friends though something had to give and so I haven't been blogging.

Monday, October 3, 2011

New stamp of the month

Each month you can enjoy a new D-size stamp set, available for one month only, for just $5.50—that’s over 70% off retail! When you place an order of $55 CAN or more in Close To My Heart products, you qualify for this special Stamp of the Month pricing.

Oh and even though this stamp doesn't have the lines around it it actually DOES coordinate with the Art Philosophy cricut cartridge!! My customers will get my usual cutout cheat sheet template with this set if ordered through me, with all stamp shapes cut out in same layout as the stamp set to slide right into the envelope with the stamp set. Images stamped on white cut outs in black ink (for high contrast to see it better) on removable adhesive in the curious of the layout and image location on keypad with size written behind it. :) I promise to show pics of this on my blog soon... Have to find the camera or steal DHs iPhone.

If you have a Cricut you need to get your hands on our new Cricut Art Philosophy cartridge! If you aren't convinced then you need to check out Jeanette Lynton's blog everyday this month where she will be sharing a new art project featuring a different Cricut shape every day. That’s right: thirty-one days, thirty-one pieces of artwork, each highlighting a different fabulous shape from the Art Philosophy collection! Here is the first shape - and don't forget to check Jeanette's blog for the next 30 shapes!

Also, if you were thinking of signing up as a consultant... Now's the time!! This month you get a FREE add-on kit of your choice! Yay!!
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