Saturday, October 22, 2011

Art Philosophy coordinating stamps

Okay so if you've talked to me at all lately you know I am in LOVE with the new Close To My Heart Art Philosophy cricut cartridge... So much so that I signed up as a consultant!
I can honestly say that since I've gotten this cartridge I have not touched my other ones, and not because I was trying to only use this one but because every time I thought "now what cartridge has that shape" id realize that it was on this cartridge too!!
It has circles, ovals, squares, rectangles, scalloped versions of all of them, tags, label shapes (normally I would have to dig my Spellbinders out for these), assorted leaves, branches, birds, shaped cards, frames, stockings/socks, poinsettias, holly, ornaments, cards with images cut out of the front, flowers (both flat and 3D spiral ones.... Which I'm in love with!!), boxes, envelopes and lots more!!!

Anyways as much as I love this cartridge and the fact that it has stamps that coordinate to fit perfectly with some of the shapes (well that just puts it over the top!!! ) I was a little disappointed. Let me explain....
The stamp sets have the size each image needs to be cut at right on the sheet they are stuck to (however it is written REALLY tiny) but it doesn't tell you which shape in the handbook it is. This becomes time consuming a bit when youre using it constantly since there are 700 shapes in the cartridge to look through to find it! Soooooo... I thought well I am just going to make a cheat sheet for myself. I was so pleased with how it turned out and I thought well... I already took the time to find them all so I'm certainly not going to let anyone that orders from me spend all that time again.

Long story short I am sending already made up cheat sheets to anyone that orders through me for the stamp sets that come with the cartridge. If it's another stamp set that coordinates and I have it or you're local and have it shipped to my address than I will do one for those sets too. (I make them line up perfect with the actual stamp set so I actually need the set in order to do this).

I have all the shapes cut out of white (and stamped in black if it's a set I own) then they have repositionable adhesive on them so you can take them off the cheat sheet and place on your project to see if you like that image/shape there or not and gave an idea of how it will look. When you pull the shape off it reveals a cheat sheet underneath (see the maple leaf)... It will tell you what row and column on the keypad the button is for the shape and also if you need to press shift and/or any feature keys; it will also say what size to cut it at! Yay!!! I also stamp the non coordinating things in the stamp sets (like sentiments and such) on the black part in white ink. This whole thing slides right into your stamp envelope with your stamps so that it's all together or you can take it out and store elsewhere for quick reference if you prefer. Since the whole set is stamped you can still see the whole set through the packaging on the cheat sheet.

More of a visual person like me... How about some pictures of what I'm talking about???

Here are the pictures of the stamps that come with the cartridge (3 stamp sets plus 3 packages of chipboard shapes that coordinate with cuts from the cartridge come with it).

You can order from me here:


  1. I sure could use this--but I bought mine from Rebecca :-(

    {{Hugs}} Storylady--Linda

  2. Thanks for the link to the white stamped images! You definitely have it down! :) I am number 100 follower, woot! :)


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