Friday, May 16, 2014

Fast, cheap and easy!

Now normally that would not make a good title on a woman entrepreneurs blog....

Of course it's a great title when it has to do with the time and cost involved in making this great necklace!

This cost around $10 and I literally completed this in under 5 minutes! 

Now of course the phrase would have been in there straight if I didn't stick it in while walking away from the craft table at the Rediscover Close To My Heart event to get a group photo taken with everyone who was there from our team but it truly shows just how easy it was. 

You can see that I am wiping off the excess liquid glass from the glass cover in the group photo. LOL

I also have to share the funny story behind my choice of image in the necklace. 

Back in February I attended a Women's Wellness retreat for military family members (which was an absolutely incredible, life changing experience). 

A close friend and myself actually helped create a lot if the decoration, handouts and workshop stuff ahead of time including clothing items made from paper for everyone to write their worries on to hang on a clothesline between two trees for the weekend, a map of Canada with speech bubbles to record various postings and events that have happened as part of each persons story, a mini tag album and some cards for everyone to complete and more....

We showed up a day before to help the facilitators set everything up and while asking if there is anything else we could do my friend was handed a large stack of paper with leaves printed on them and a pair of scissors... 
Yup... You can imagine the look! 
Us who just cut using two Cricuts (some days even used 3) for weeks leading up to this and now we are given scissors with printed images to cut out???

Needless to say the printed images were handed back to the facilitator and the 60+ page sized leaves were cut out in a matter of about 30 minutes and on nicely patterned paper too!! LOL

The facilitator was then dubbed "she who runs with scissors".

Now you can understand why when staring at a large table covered in a massive variety of little images from Close To My Heart that make this project so ridiculously easy my choice was obvious and a gift for the facilitator "She who runs with Scissors" was made. 
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