Sunday, November 27, 2011

Kathy's Double K Krafts: Give Away For December

You have to go check out this amazing giveaway over on Kathy's blog!! This is the same place I won a copy of the My Memories Suite software for my MIL so I'm hoping I can be that lucky again but if not I'm hoping that one of my blog land friends can win it!!

Kathy's Double K Krafts: Give Away For December:

Make sure to look around the rest of her blog too she's got some great stuff there. :)

The different cricut design programs pros and cons

Okay so with the release of cricut craft room there have been a lot of people on the various groups and message boards I participate in asking about the benefits of a program if you can still only use the cartridge images and what the differences are between Design Studio (DS), Cricut Craft Room (CCR), and the handheld Gypsy

Here's a quick compilation I made... If you have anything to add please comment and I'll add it on! :)

You can do all sorts of things with any of the 3:
-Weld letters together so they cut as a word instead of individual letters

-change the height and/or width by ANY increment (instead of only the height and width proportionately by 1/4" increments only)

-see exactly where you cut will be in the mat which is great for many reasons: able to use small scraps and know exactly where to put it on the mat, you can put cuts on top of each other so you can cut a square with a circle inside it for instance, I use it to cut the backing from sticker paper and then all the way through just the outside then I peel off one section of backing at a time and apply glitter or flocking and can create a flocked Elmo for instance or a glittered circle in white to stamp my image on with a red scallop around it with something else with a different colour around that all on one layer (probably not explaining that very well lol), I also use it to line cuts up on one side of a card shape and then cut the whole thing out of cereal box... Apply glue to the pieces that would fall out of the cut... Fold the other side of the card over and let it dry to the glued pieces then when its dry remove from cutting mat and voila your very own embossing folder!

-in CCR you can also view your cuts filled with colour so you can design your card completely on the program and see EXACTLY what it's going to look like before even taking out your paper great for deciding what colours to cut from (you can do this in DS as well just not while designing only in a preview screen)

-you can rotate things around getting optimal use of your paper (ie if you have ever cut large circles out of your paper and your machine thinks you can only fit 4 on the page when you know if it moved them to the corners you could fit another one in the middle you can do that on the screen)

-can hide fold lines or any other pieces of a cut that you don't necessarily want (some of the layers on the Disney carts for instance really are supposed to be from 2 different colours so you can hide one of the shapes on the layer for cutting from one colour and tge other for the other colour)

Now for each one individually...

Design Studio:
-view on big screen with all these capabilities (except viewing in colour while designing however can preview it in
-fairly slow to use and really slow to load
-sometimes hard to select the shapes on your mat to move around
-design with any cartridges out there so you can see if you might like to get one or if you order one online you can play with it before it arrives
-not Mac compatible
-not compatible with net books as you need a certain resolution screen which the tiny laptops just don't have
-don't need the layouts but still need the actual cartridge(s) every time you go to cut
-can use different cartridge images together (it will ask you to put one in the cricut and then the others until you've put all of them in that are used in the project you are cutting and then it will cut)

-easy to use
-fairly fast
-stores all your cartridges so you don't have to have the actual cartridge or keypad with you when you go to cut
-has all the benefits of DS except the large screen
-portable (no computer needed), about the same size as a cartridge box and you can design on it whenever wherever and save your project and cut to your cricut whenever you want to using your gypsy in place of your cartridge

-all the benefits of DS except you MUST have Internet connection in order to use it
-can view images in colour
-can link cartridges that you own so you don't have to have them with you when you want to cut once they're linked
-Mac compatible
-no limit on what screen size you need so can use on a NetBook
-can save in gypsy format to your computer for use in DS or gypsy when Internet is not available
-can see your projects anywhere you have a computer with Internet and design so you don't need a flash drive with your projects saved on it or anything at all ... Just go to cricut website log in and go for it (all your projects are stored on the Internet remotely so you have them wherever you go)
-can only install cut ability from the program for 2 computers for each cricut account

I am certain others can come up with more but this is just what I can come up with off the top of my head. :)

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Sorry for my lack of blogging

I have been absolutely crazy with teaching classes and had a big order of CTMH cartridge bundles that I needed to make the cheat sheets for. Also been helping a cousin with her Christmas cards and her little girls birthday decorations (you'd think I'd make my own Christmas cards and at least decide on my sons party theme first since his birthday is the first week of January.., but I didn't). LOL oh or make birth announcements for our little girl who will be 4 months old soon... Maybe I can get away with just sticking those in the Christmas cards????

It will all get done in time right?!?

Anyways between all if that and just spending time enjoying my wonderful family. Taking the kids to Santa Claus parades and Christmas shopping I honestly haven't gotten to making anything new for you... I have made more of the cards I've already posted but nothing new... Thinking I had a few things I never did post though and might need to take a look for you.

I did start a Facebook page and you can join it if you want to over there on the top right sidebar on my blog... See it?!?! It will be the same pictures I post here and some extra updates and stuff as I find it easier to do a quick post to Facebook than my blog.

I am pretty excited though, as I got my new rolling bag for my cricut and found a digital projector so those in my classes can see better what I'm doing! Yay!!!!

So much to do... So little time!

On a side note though DH and I went out on a date night last night (first night out without a child since before our son was born almost 3 years ago). He bought us tickets to go see my favourite band (Big Sugar) play. It was a blast!!!!!! I warned my parents (the babysitters) that I had too much fun and we would be doing it again before our 4 month old turned 3 for sure!! LOL

We have another Santa Claus parade to take the kids to tomorrow (since watching the 3 year olds reaction was so much fun at the one we took him to last weekend)!!
Here's a picture of him patiently waiting for the parade to start and one of our daughter that I'll be getting her first Christmas ornament made from (I ordered from Sassy Possum these beautiful carved wood ornaments for our sons first Christmas and loved them so much I ordered them for hers too). Correction (that picture isn't on my iPod) so here's one of her I took last week.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Cricut craft room now available to public!!!

Directly from the cricut website:

The only limit: your imagination.

Welcome to a whole new way to create. Cricut Craft Room™ is a fun, easy-to-use, and timesaving online design tool that lets you experiment, explore, and design in ways never before possible. And it’s free. Plus, just for starting your account, you’ll automatically receive Cricut Craft Room™ Basics, a collection of digital fonts and shapes.

The Cricut Craft Room has officially launched and is available for FREE!

What is the Cricut Craft Room?

It is a design tool that lets you design with images from the Cricut cartridges (including Imagine ones) and images on the Craft Room itself. Currently, there is a free font and shape set of images, called Cricut Craft Room Basics and that's available for everyone. You will still need to own the cartridges to cut out your design, though. There is a linking feature so you can cut more easily. You need an internet connection to use the Craft Room. But there is an application that downloads to your computer and once that happens, you will always want to launch using your application on your computer, rather than the website.

Features of the Cricut Craft Room:

Free to Use
Access online from anywhere, any time
Easy to Use Program
Design on a Big Screen
View and Design with all Cricut Cartridges
Search easily to find the right images
Digitally stores all your cartridges and projects
Windows and Mac compatible
Explore exclusive online content
Cuts with any Cricut Machine

Go to and try it out yourself now!! :)
I've been playing and LOVE it!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Customer service stories to share

This is a copy of a message I sent out to all my cutting groups on yahoo as well as to the sellers.

I just wanted to post this about my recent experience with for those looking to buy anything from them. This ended with a good outcome please read on....
I also have a bad outcome story about an eBay purchase from proudparents2005 to share.

Just a little update to add to this.. I cc'd both of these companies emails on this message and got the following reply from
Thank you for contacting CricutMachine.

We appreciate the great review you gave us. We have forwarded this on to our managment team.

Please let us know if you have any further questions.

Have a great day! Customer Support
151 East 3450 North
Spanish Fork Utah 84660
Toll Free: 1-877-343-2881
Mon-Fri 8am-5pm MST

I had ordered a deal from them On October 19, 2011 (reconditioned cricut expression with 4 cartridge bundle for $59.99) with tax and shipping came to $109.08 to be shipped to Canada. actually had it shipped to my mother in law not me as it was going to be an early Christmas gift for her.

I teach cricut classes as well and had posted to lots of groups and my classes about this deal. A few others ordered it too. When I had heard they all got theirs I called my mother in law only to discover she still didn't have hers. I gave it an extra 2 weeks since she lives in a remote location and often takes much longer. Still had not arrived....
Checked the tracking number provided only to discover that FedEx had no record of picking up that tracking number. I called the customer service and was told that it appeared as though they never actually shipped it. She was very apologetic and offered to refund my money. I insisted I really didn't want the money just the product. I was told that there were only 3 left in stock and they may or may not be already promised to other customers... They would have to contact their shipping department and get back to me. If they were however they would refund my money plus issue a $20 credit to be used on a future order. I told them not to bother as if I did not receive my product that I ordered and was given a shipping confirmation for weeks ago I would not order from them again and would make sure I told everyone I could think of of the bad service, since they still have machines for sale that the correct thing to do for me would be to ship an equivalent. They said they'd check first and send me an email within the new few days.
I never did get an email however yesterday afternoon FedEx showed up at my address with the product I had ordered directly from provocraft instead of I still now need to ship it to my mother in law on the other side of the country (I didn't bother to call and see if they'd fix this since this is not a problem for me as we are going to visit her Anyway and I can just bring it with us) but I received a replacement shipment.
I am quite happy with this outcome, and knowing that they will have some great black Friday sales coming up I wanted to share that they definitely have good customer service and I wouldn't hesitate to order from them again (and when their sale start at midnight this Friday I will be checking it out for sure!!)

My proud parents story is not so good. I ordered a rolling tote bag, a cartridge tote bag and a gypsy bundled with all the accessories and the destination cartridge. It took them a week to send me my combined invoice which I paid immediately, another 4 days to ship it. It was September 14 when I received a USPS tracking number from them as shipping confirmation. I still haven't received the product!! I have written them 7 or more emails through eBay and directly to them asking them for info on it (I never assume its the sellers fault, often customs delays shipments for crazy amounts of time) USPS can't track their shipments to the US border with the label number as it is just something the shipper prints off, they still have to take it to the drop box and pay for it. They need the shipper to provide the confirmation number they were given at the drop box to track it. In order to get this I'd need them to respond to me!!! I opened a dispute through PayPal and sent 3 more messages requesting info on my shipment through PayPal.... No response! I upgraded the dispute to a claim. PayPal contacted them and received no response so I got my money back from PayPal yesterday.
I have heard lots if good stories about this eBay seller but also lots of bad. I would say if you order anything from them make sure you keep an eye on your PayPal timeframes for opening a dispute so you can get a refund if it never shows!

Oh and YES I am copying this message to both of these sellers as well as posting it on my blog, Facebook and telling my classes!

Okay, that's my rant for today!! LOL

Friday, November 4, 2011

Need your help

Okay so I entered to win a gypsy at and I'm in 3rd place. If my wonderful readers could go click like by my name on her sidebar I'd really appreciate it. I'm planning to use the gypsy as a prize for my wonderful customers!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

November 13 Christmas cards on the cricut class at Carousel

Come join me at Carousel Rubber Stamps "" for a card class (cost $20) on November 13, 2011.
All 3 cards use the Art Philosophy cricut cartridge from Close To My Heart which you can order here "" and read lots more about in my previous posts.

The Santa card is an easel card and the whole "layer" is completely glitter with a stamped image of Santa.. and yes with the exception of the red card base it's all 1 piece!!! The pictures don't do it justice.

All the pieces in all the cards were cut with the cartridge (except the plain card base of the poinsettia card).

Here are the cards we'll be making...

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Double winner!!

Oh my goodness I am SO excited!!!!!
If you follow my blog at all you know that I REALLY wanted the mymemories suite software "" (use code STMMMS60098 to save $10 on it if you want it too). Well, I asked DH for it for Christmas and luckily he didn't buy it for me yet since I was also entering contests EVERYWHERE to win it too! Anyways, I was lucky enough to win not 1 but 2 of those contests. I told the second one (Kathy) that I won that I had already won it (from Sharon) but knew my wonderful mother in law who is always making us handmade cards, printing pictures off of my kids and her other grandchildren would love to have it too. She was gracious enough to let me give my prize to her. Thank you so much Kathy "" !!!!

Please take a moment to check out both Kathy's "" and Sharon's ""blogs!

Kathy also told me that she also shares free pages on her blog each week so make sure you go check that out too if you're a digiscrapper or just looking for some inspiration! :)
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