Saturday, November 26, 2011

Sorry for my lack of blogging

I have been absolutely crazy with teaching classes and had a big order of CTMH cartridge bundles that I needed to make the cheat sheets for. Also been helping a cousin with her Christmas cards and her little girls birthday decorations (you'd think I'd make my own Christmas cards and at least decide on my sons party theme first since his birthday is the first week of January.., but I didn't). LOL oh or make birth announcements for our little girl who will be 4 months old soon... Maybe I can get away with just sticking those in the Christmas cards????

It will all get done in time right?!?

Anyways between all if that and just spending time enjoying my wonderful family. Taking the kids to Santa Claus parades and Christmas shopping I honestly haven't gotten to making anything new for you... I have made more of the cards I've already posted but nothing new... Thinking I had a few things I never did post though and might need to take a look for you.

I did start a Facebook page and you can join it if you want to over there on the top right sidebar on my blog... See it?!?! It will be the same pictures I post here and some extra updates and stuff as I find it easier to do a quick post to Facebook than my blog.

I am pretty excited though, as I got my new rolling bag for my cricut and found a digital projector so those in my classes can see better what I'm doing! Yay!!!!

So much to do... So little time!

On a side note though DH and I went out on a date night last night (first night out without a child since before our son was born almost 3 years ago). He bought us tickets to go see my favourite band (Big Sugar) play. It was a blast!!!!!! I warned my parents (the babysitters) that I had too much fun and we would be doing it again before our 4 month old turned 3 for sure!! LOL

We have another Santa Claus parade to take the kids to tomorrow (since watching the 3 year olds reaction was so much fun at the one we took him to last weekend)!!
Here's a picture of him patiently waiting for the parade to start and one of our daughter that I'll be getting her first Christmas ornament made from (I ordered from Sassy Possum these beautiful carved wood ornaments for our sons first Christmas and loved them so much I ordered them for hers too). Correction (that picture isn't on my iPod) so here's one of her I took last week.

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