Monday, February 14, 2011

baby shower creations

These are pictures of the favours I made for a friend of mine to give out to all her guests (to save on having to write out thank you notes with a newborn to look after). I cut them on my craftrobo digital cutter, sprayed them with glimmer mist. The inside is stamped with a little "Thank you for your kindness" in a circle with a little flower in the senter in coordinating ink, and there is a tea light in each one. I made 40 and there were only 6 left, we were very pleased that everyone actually took one.
The other pictures are for the watermelon stroller fruit salad I made for her... very similar to the one I made a couple years ago for another friend.
The little one that this shower was for was born December 16 (12 days early) and my son calls her his "girlfriend". He's VERY taken with her!!

Birthday card for Dejah

So you all know how much I love carousel rubber stamps.. anyways this was the birthday card I made for Dejah (the owner). She has been so inspiring to me with all her little demos, tricks, tips and classes. I love how all the staff are so knowledgeable and you can go in there ask a question and get an answer and often even a demonstration on how to do it.. or they will pull some product to try it out for you if they're not really sure. LOVE IT!!
Anyways, this card was made kissing two large stamps together in different shades. The butterflies are actually cornflowers with the stem and the center of the flower cut off stamped on acetate and then stuck on using some viva decor... I had to prop the butterfly wings up until it dried but was happy with how it turned out.

Valentines Card for my little guy!

I made this card for my 2 year old for Valentines day!! He liked it so much he didn't want to open his present (well at least for a few seconds haha). :)
The stamps are Gina K (Train is from Life is Good set by Theresa Momber and the label is from Lovely Labels set by Nina Bracket) and the sentiment is hand-written (in case that wasn't totally obvious lol).
I used some watercolour crayons to colour the train and some distress inks for the sky and ground (stormy sky and vintage photo).

glitter ribbons valentines card

This is the valentines card I sent to my in laws. It's coloured with copics (the only colours I own). The strip on the left is using the glitter ribbon technique and since it is completely glitter is very sparkly but doesn't show up on camera at all!!!
Oh... did you know you can stamp on glitter after the fact?!?!?! You can also watercolour on it after the fact too... FYI a very fun and addicting technique!
Stamps are Gina K.

Father in laws birthday card

I decided to use these images and sentiment together for my father-in-laws birthday card since he lives in Saskatchewan (a very flat land-locked province) and is from here in Nova Scotia a very hilly/mountainous province that is almost completely surrounded by ocean. There is a very small section of land keeping us from being an island.
I was happy with how this card came together.

A QUICK sympathy card

This is a sympathy card I literally threw together since we weren't aware the person had passed away until half way through the visitation and it was my husbands great aunt and my MIL's aunt and godmother so I rushed this together and then ran it over to the funeral home as fast as I could. I actually didn't make it in time for the visitation but at least made it before the funeral home closed its doors for the day so it did make it in with the other cards.

May all your dreams come true

This is actually a combo of pictures of 2 different cards I made.. the first one just says Happy Birthday on the inside and was for a friend of ours 7 year olds birthday... then a few days later I was making a birthday card for my nieces first birthday and thought I like that card so much I'd make it again, except I had also been playing with some of Melanie's stamps and realized how perfect the rose from pressed flowers watermarked over this verse from Say it with flowers for the inside instead of just Happy Birthday. :)
I was REALLY happy with how this turned out and I think I will be making this card again soon for a cousins 2 year old birhday soon.
The fairy is actually very sparkly as her dress and wings are watercoloured with sakura stardust pens. I love how images look when done this way!!
She is popped up on foam dots over this gorgeous meshy ribbon I had laying around that I HAD to buy forever ago because I liked it so much, All the writing plus the fairy image itself is done with copper embossing powder and the upside-down flower she's sitting on was stamped with a coloured ink (I think it might have been memento but I'm not sure how I managed to spread the colour fast enough if it was memento) and then brushed with a waterbrush to spread the ink into the image for a watercolour effect.

Fathers Day (last year)

Wow... I am SO behind in posting.. I just actually decided not to post a whole pile of cards... along with any other cards that I did in classes (in other words not my original designs) which means right off the bat there are probable 20 or more cards in the last couple months... and they are stunning! Perhaps if I lack in blog posts at a later date I'll come back and post them. haha
Anyways.. these were made for Fathers day last year. I made 3 of them. One each for DH, FIL and my step-father. The bottle is totally Melanie Muenchingers idea and she had posted how to do it. I used a starbucks frappucino bottle for one and a couple of bath salt bottles from the dollar store that I took the bath salts out of and re-purposed the bottle for this. It is the coolest thing!!!!! I must say though that if you spill baby oil all over your laminate floor it is NOT fun to clean up!! haha

Multiple step stamping

I ordered some stamps from Kitchen Sink Stamps which are multi step stamping to achieve the look seen on the flowers... it's a bunch of stamps that you layer on top of each other in various shades of colour.
I'm please with how they look but not sure how much these will get used.

My craft cabinet!!

So this is still a work in progress. My wonderful darling talented husband made this for me after I showed him a picture of one from a very popular scrap organizer cabinet company.
It needs sanding on all the edges still and paint. It will be painted with magnetic primer and then chocolate brown chalkboard paint on the back for my son and a neutral colour on the rest.Thinking of putting whiteboard paint on the inside sides of the door which only show if the cabinet is open so I can write notes or sketch and erase or whatever.... maybe I'll do that in chalkboard paint too.. we'll see. :)

May your birthday be magical

This is a card I made for a friend of mine. It is coloured with just about every different colouring medium I had at the time.
There is lots of sparkle on this card too but the picture doesn't show.

Lots of new stuff being posted

These first 3 are from a twinkling H20 class I took at Carousel Rubber Stamps.. the same place that Faye works from the video of the mini cuttlebug roses I posted.

This last card is last years Christmas card (I know REALLY old!!) It was originally a make and take from Carousel... can you tell I really like it there?? The top version is the one we made there and the 2nd one is the one I mass produced for my Christmas cards.

So I realized how many cards I have now that aren't posted so I am on a posting frenzy to get myself caught up since I intend to make ALOT more cards this year (and so far it's going alright). I'm going to keep my details short and to the point so if you have questions just ask.

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