Friday, October 30, 2009

A winnie the pooh dresser

I had done this about 6 or 7 years ago and had it in my own room since I LOVE winnie the pooh!! Everytime someone came in my moms house and saw my room they always questioned my mom as to how they thought her kids were grown up... haha guess it made the room look like it belonged to a small child.. which is why it was very fitting that when I decided to move in with my now husband that the dresser go to one of my dear friends little girls who adores pooh!! She loved it so much that she used to sit in front of it and lean in and give the characters kisses.. very cute!!

She just turned 4 and is ready to move onto a princess themed room soon so may paint a new scene for her on a new dresser and trade for it as my sons room is done in winnie the pooh now and his toddler furniture which we already purchased since we got such a good deal is pooh too so it will be fitting for him until he insists on something else.

I actually had lost these photos but god love my dad for keeping record of EVERYTHING I ever made for him or gave him a picture of... he had this picture on his computer so I stole it from him to post here.

It took about a month to complete working on it here and there after work every day... it was a colouring book picture that I found that I hand drew by eye from the picture onto the dresser and then painted. I was very pleased with how it turned out.

3 x 3

A cute little note card. I had just gotten this new stamp set and HAD to try it out right away but didn't really have a particular project in mind.. I also had a roller stamp background that I had bought for 50 cents at a flea market that I hadn't used either so I was goofing with it on a small piece of scrap card which ended up being the background behind my image! :) I like how this turned out. I added a bit of crystal laquer to the flower centers.

2 cards same stamp

well... here's a couple really quick bday cards I made. Self explanatory I think.

Glitter card fix??

So I wasn't totally happy with my glitter card since the I didn't stick the diecut down very good so some glitter got under the left edge and lifted the diecut so I stamped this snowman and layered it on top.... still not sure I like it but oh well!!

Glitter card

This was done for a challenge on the PCP website for back to basics with stampendous. It is all glitter for the background and it was supposed to be stickers but I used a die cut I made with my craft robo a few years ago that I had laying around.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A baby card

Okay so I was SO disappointed with the pictures and I haven't seen my friend yet to give her this card so I actually spent lots of time attempting to get the sparkle on this card.... well this is as close as it gets in a picture I'm sure now.... still doesn't quite show it but at least you can see SOME of it now!! Original pictures are deleted and new ones up so if you read this post before and are thinking these are different pictures than the ones you saw you're not going crazy they are different!! haha oh... in order to see what I'm talking about though you do have to click on the pictures to see a more close up view!!

I have to say I LOVE how this card turned out!! The pictures do NOT do it justice at all. It actually has lots of subtle sparkle on all the layers that I added with my gel pens and the paper is papertemptress sparkly paper which I ADORE!!! I wish I could get the sparkle to show up in the pictures as you'd all be blown away by this paper!!

The sentiment is mounted in some hardware I found at the dollar store and then coated with crystal laquer to make it look like it has a little glass over it.
This card is very 3-dimensional!!
The image is a print and cut file I got from and done on my craftrobo.

Luanne has some wonderful print and cuts!!

Birthday card for Dejah

So I totally CASEd this card from Melanie Muenchinger (the designer of this stamp sold at Gina K. Designs). I did change a few things though (of course). I didn't use any ribbon, instead I used paper inked with some ancient page grey (same as the back layer). I also highlighted my leafy branches from my cuttlebug with some oyster twinkling H2O's as well as coating the rose with it. I LOVE sparkle!!! :)

I loved how this card turned out so much that I felt it worthy to give to my favourite craft shop owner (and friend) Dejah for a double celebration of her 40th birthday and the stores (Carousel Rubber Stamps in Dartmouth, NS) 15th birthday. She had a demo day for this celebration which was FANTASTIC btw!! :) I love her demo days!!

Some note cards. KISS style!! :)

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Copper EP on ivory with some copper ink sponged around the edges of the layer and the card.

I did a bunch of these up to have on hand for all-occasions that you just need a card for last minute.

Juice crystal holder

I made this for my father-in-law. He is not very good at drinking enough water and has run into some problems because of it so I figured if he had something to put on his waterbottle to flavour it up a bit it might encourage him to drink a little more. :)

This is only a section of the stamp. I had bought this while DH and I were honeymooning in Baddeck, NS. It is SO pretty there!! I was definately made fun of for having to buy a stamp as a souvenir on our honeymoon but it was worth it since it's such a gorgeous stamp and very easy to colour!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Birthday card for DH

DH has been collecting beat up trucks the last year or two, and I keep teasing him about it. His plan is to combine them to make one that functions well, except he hasn't had time to touch it what with sailing most of last summer, and then having our son born this winter past. When I saw this stamp I knew it would make for some great cards and paper to use for him for a while!! :)
The background is a combo of alcohol inks and colour spray. The picture doesn;t do it justice as it has a bit of sparkle to it from the silver AI.

B-day card for Grumpy

This is a card I made for my step-father's birthday. Yes, you''re reading it right!! We call him grumpy! :)
The image is coloured with my watercolour pencils and then I added some stickles to the hat streamers and his horn. Also, since I had a little finger smudge on the background I decided to add some stickle streamer/confetti randomly around as well.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Had to play with my Alota stamps

I had to play with my new alota stamps, and a last second birthday card was the perfect opportunity to use this wonderful image.
This ended up with a piece of ribbon and some brads but of course I forgot to take another picture.... so you're stuck with this one! :)

Arranged with love

I wanted to make a card for a good friend of mine that I used to work with who is battling breast cancer and has such an AMAZING outlook on life!! She has always managed to pick me up when I am down and make me laugh. She also used to make a b-day cake for everyone in our department on their birthday and if she knew your favourite kind of cake it would be that kind too!! She has two gorgeous daughters who made me the most adorable card for my baby shower last year... maybe I'll take a picture of it and post it later. Anyway.. now I'm rambling of course.....
I had gotten this set and hadn't inked it up yet... let me just say "I LOVE this stamp!!!!!!!" This is a stamp by Melanie Muenchinger called Arranged With Love that is sold at Gina K Designs. I embossed the image with black EP, coloured it with chalks, then cut a piece of card to layer with the sentiment (great sentiments in this set that fit perfect in the opening) embossed it with my gold EP and took my gold paint pen to the edges of the sentiment piece and attached with foam tape to pop it off a bit. This is layered on some super shiny gold paper I found at the dollar store and have had forever and then onto some white card.
Well.. that's it for this post. I have a bunch more things to post.. if not today maybe tomorrow.

Another twinkling H2O card

So this was my first attempt at the "direct to rubber" technique I had learned at the class I took on my own. One catch of course since I can't do it like I'm told was that I wanted to use one of my clear stamps!
After many failed attempts at this with beading twinks all over my stamp but no solid image, I was going to give up when I was in "The Cutting Garden" down the street from me where they sell mostly clear stamps and hardly any rubber at all and mentioned it to her. The solution she came up with is so simple and genius!! All I had to do was ink my image with versamark first and then apply the twinks over the versa onto the stamp!! :)
Not sure I'm in love with this card as a matter of fact I was actually a little disappointed with my end layout... by the time I got to that stage I just wanted to be done with this. Either way, now I can actually do this without losing my mind!! :)

Non-paper craft!!

I made this last year for a good friend of mine's baby shower. I had forgotten all about it until someone on one of the forums I'm on was asking about ideas for baby showers. It reminded me and I figure I should post it on my blog for you all to see too!! :)

First I cut away 1/4 of the melon leaving a stroller like shape and cut a slice off the bottom so it would sit without rolling away and drain any excess juice off
Cut a handle out of the piecec I cut away (which was later attached with toothpicks).
Cut away all the melon inside and saved any pieces that didn't get mangled in the process to go back in the fruit salad.
Attach handle.
Cut orange slices and cut some grapes in half attached the orange as wheels with toothpicks and used the grape halves to cover the toothpicks and make hubcaps.
You can stop here and just add the fruit salad... or... add some pineapple flowers!!

For the flowers you can either do what I did which was cut them freehand from some pineapple slices (I do NOT recommend doing this as it is VERY difficult!!) OR you can use a flower shaped cookie cutter to cut them from the slices. Let me tell you that the cost of the cookie cutter would be well worth it!!!
Then I used some melon ball halves (from the waterlmelon I removed) for centers and put them on skewers and stuck them in wherever looked good. You could also use some baby spinach leaves if you had them for leaves... I of course didn't think of that until about 1am the night before and did not have time in the morning to go get them and put them on.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Birthday card.. or other

I made this card for a cutter file challenge over at Visual Designs By Chris. Dad's birthday is on Thursday and I thought it would be a nice card for him.

The inside reads "and relax on your birthday."

Quite pleased with how this turned out

1 colour card

I made this card for a 1 colour challenge on Stampin'out alzheimers.I really liked how it turned out and thought maybe this would be my Christmas cards this year... then I realized how hard it was to make it without getting fingerprints all over the shiny silver paper... hmm..... have to rethink this one... still like how it turned out though!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

NOOOO!!!!! Anything but a scrapbook page!!!!!

First off let me say I LOVE paper crafts!! Anything paper craft...EXCEPT scrapbooking!!! I cannot get my head around scrapbooking! I have NO patience and cannot see it as a big accomplishment to finish a page... instead I see it as 1 little tiny bit of a book and get very frustrated at how long it takes to FINISH the project (ie the entire scrapbook) it is because of this that I really don't scrapbook.. EVER!!!

This said, last month I took part in Stampinoutalzheimers and one of the challenges was a memory box. I have a niece who is 5 who lives out west so I don't get to see her very often, she is absolutely adorable!! Anyways, she was one of my flower girls for my wedding 2 years ago and she was dancing in the kitchen at my moms between the ceremony and the reception and our photographers got this pic which I just love!! I had some cutting files from a challenge over at Visual Designs By Chris , which believe it or not I had used to create a scrapbook page for.. HAHA anyways I changed my title and which dancers I used and a little bit of the background and then stuck it to the inside of a plastic tube I had left from some paintbrushes I had. Now I have somewhere to put any drawings she sends me. (she usually draws all over giftwrap since my brother usually wraps using white computer paper and duct tape.. what can i say.. he's a guy!!) LOL.

Twinkling H2O cards

Alright, so I started this blog to share some fun projects with everyone. I really enjoy making all of my projects and hope you do too.

A couple months ago I attended an H2O class at one of my favourite places to shop for craft supplies Carousel Rubber Stamps (sorry they don't have an online store just walk in customers but if you live in NS, Canada they are DEFINATELY worth a visit!!!) The staff at this store are phenomenal!! They are very helpful and constantly sharing their knowledge with their customers!! They have "demo day" once a month usually where each staff demonstrates a product/technique, these are fabulous. Often the companies of certain products will have someone from their staff attend and do a demo as well. The first demo day I attended is when I got hooked on peel-offs and gel pens... but that's a whole other post.. lol.

Anyways.... enough rambling... at the wonderful class I attended Deja (the owner) was the instructor and she showed us 3 different techniques for H2O's, and we created 3 different cards using these techniques.

Here are my 3 cards...
Direct to rubber technique

I absolutely was thrilled with these and so I had to share them although as I said I can't take credit for them as the actual layout was from the class by Deja.
If anyone is wondering which stamps we used just ask... I don't have them right in front of me so I can't put them in the post but I own all but the rose leaf stamp (I have a different rose leaf stamp so I didn't get that one).
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