Monday, August 31, 2009

Non-paper craft!!

I made this last year for a good friend of mine's baby shower. I had forgotten all about it until someone on one of the forums I'm on was asking about ideas for baby showers. It reminded me and I figure I should post it on my blog for you all to see too!! :)

First I cut away 1/4 of the melon leaving a stroller like shape and cut a slice off the bottom so it would sit without rolling away and drain any excess juice off
Cut a handle out of the piecec I cut away (which was later attached with toothpicks).
Cut away all the melon inside and saved any pieces that didn't get mangled in the process to go back in the fruit salad.
Attach handle.
Cut orange slices and cut some grapes in half attached the orange as wheels with toothpicks and used the grape halves to cover the toothpicks and make hubcaps.
You can stop here and just add the fruit salad... or... add some pineapple flowers!!

For the flowers you can either do what I did which was cut them freehand from some pineapple slices (I do NOT recommend doing this as it is VERY difficult!!) OR you can use a flower shaped cookie cutter to cut them from the slices. Let me tell you that the cost of the cookie cutter would be well worth it!!!
Then I used some melon ball halves (from the waterlmelon I removed) for centers and put them on skewers and stuck them in wherever looked good. You could also use some baby spinach leaves if you had them for leaves... I of course didn't think of that until about 1am the night before and did not have time in the morning to go get them and put them on.

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