Thursday, April 17, 2014

Ivy Lane Cards

After cutting and assembling the Ivy Lane card kit I realized I still had enough paper to make a few more with just a little more colonial white added.

I still used the cuts from the guide but used them a bit different from what the guide that comes with the kit says to.

I taught these cards at the Crop for the Cure that just happened last weekend and will be teaching them again at a crop put on by May 9, 10, 11 weekend. 

What do you think? 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

My new venture and a teapot!

I just joined Steeped Tea Inc as their 3850th independent consultant in Canada on a March 27 and I am sooooo excited about it! 

Here's a photo of Michael and I while we waited for the very first tea from the consultant kit to steep. He insists that I must now wear my apron every time I make tea because that's what professional tea makers do. LOL

Their teas are divine, sales quotas are easily reached just by ordering the amount I personally drink and they have a fundraising program that is amazing (pays 40% to the fundraiser... Ask me for details) I get to have tea parties for my job and my kids love helping me do my job too! What could possibly be better?!?!

This past weekend I was at a Crop for the Cure which was an absolute blast!! The people were awesome, made great new friends, reconnected with some others and had an absolutely wonderful time!! I even won a trip to the spa (though I passed it on to someone else since I live 5 hours away from where the crop and the spa were). 

What does this have to do with my new venture???
Well, I taught 4 different classes while I was there but still managed to fit in a little crafting for myself as well including this awesome 3 D teapot from SVGcuts that I will be giving out with a tea sample in it to all of my hosts/hostesses as a thank you for hosting. 

I am in love with it!! 

I think I may mod podge them though to make them more durable oh and add some pearls around the edge of the lid and on the base. Thoughts??

Want one?? Book a party with me and you'll get one for your very own!! :) 
Even better is that you'll earn FREE delicious product when you host a party as well. Talk about a win win!!

Now I also have to share a few pictures of my business partners sharing this wonderful product with me because they are simply too adorable not to share with you (and yes I'm completely biased). 

Here's a picture of the very first cup of tea we made and you can see who claimed it! 

Of course Samantha decided to be the party hostess the next time and being the   hostess with the mostest (my dad is probably rolling his eyes at that bad grammar.. Sorry dad I had to!) she pulled out her tea set and even served us some plastic cookies and snacks. 

Okay so since this IS my paper crafting blog... Let me remind you again what this post has to so with paper.... 

It is made with White Daisy cardstock and Ariana patterned paper. :) You can find the cut file I used over at SVGcuts here

Want to see a few other things I made at the crop??? Come back!! I promise to share more over the next few days. Yeah, I know... Tease!! Already enough photos in this post though don't you think??

Happy sipping! Enjoy!
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