Monday, July 20, 2009

Birthday card.. or other

I made this card for a cutter file challenge over at Visual Designs By Chris. Dad's birthday is on Thursday and I thought it would be a nice card for him.

The inside reads "and relax on your birthday."

Quite pleased with how this turned out

1 colour card

I made this card for a 1 colour challenge on Stampin'out alzheimers.I really liked how it turned out and thought maybe this would be my Christmas cards this year... then I realized how hard it was to make it without getting fingerprints all over the shiny silver paper... hmm..... have to rethink this one... still like how it turned out though!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

NOOOO!!!!! Anything but a scrapbook page!!!!!

First off let me say I LOVE paper crafts!! Anything paper craft...EXCEPT scrapbooking!!! I cannot get my head around scrapbooking! I have NO patience and cannot see it as a big accomplishment to finish a page... instead I see it as 1 little tiny bit of a book and get very frustrated at how long it takes to FINISH the project (ie the entire scrapbook) it is because of this that I really don't scrapbook.. EVER!!!

This said, last month I took part in Stampinoutalzheimers and one of the challenges was a memory box. I have a niece who is 5 who lives out west so I don't get to see her very often, she is absolutely adorable!! Anyways, she was one of my flower girls for my wedding 2 years ago and she was dancing in the kitchen at my moms between the ceremony and the reception and our photographers got this pic which I just love!! I had some cutting files from a challenge over at Visual Designs By Chris , which believe it or not I had used to create a scrapbook page for.. HAHA anyways I changed my title and which dancers I used and a little bit of the background and then stuck it to the inside of a plastic tube I had left from some paintbrushes I had. Now I have somewhere to put any drawings she sends me. (she usually draws all over giftwrap since my brother usually wraps using white computer paper and duct tape.. what can i say.. he's a guy!!) LOL.

Twinkling H2O cards

Alright, so I started this blog to share some fun projects with everyone. I really enjoy making all of my projects and hope you do too.

A couple months ago I attended an H2O class at one of my favourite places to shop for craft supplies Carousel Rubber Stamps (sorry they don't have an online store just walk in customers but if you live in NS, Canada they are DEFINATELY worth a visit!!!) The staff at this store are phenomenal!! They are very helpful and constantly sharing their knowledge with their customers!! They have "demo day" once a month usually where each staff demonstrates a product/technique, these are fabulous. Often the companies of certain products will have someone from their staff attend and do a demo as well. The first demo day I attended is when I got hooked on peel-offs and gel pens... but that's a whole other post.. lol.

Anyways.... enough rambling... at the wonderful class I attended Deja (the owner) was the instructor and she showed us 3 different techniques for H2O's, and we created 3 different cards using these techniques.

Here are my 3 cards...
Direct to rubber technique

I absolutely was thrilled with these and so I had to share them although as I said I can't take credit for them as the actual layout was from the class by Deja.
If anyone is wondering which stamps we used just ask... I don't have them right in front of me so I can't put them in the post but I own all but the rose leaf stamp (I have a different rose leaf stamp so I didn't get that one).
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