Wednesday, July 1, 2009

NOOOO!!!!! Anything but a scrapbook page!!!!!

First off let me say I LOVE paper crafts!! Anything paper craft...EXCEPT scrapbooking!!! I cannot get my head around scrapbooking! I have NO patience and cannot see it as a big accomplishment to finish a page... instead I see it as 1 little tiny bit of a book and get very frustrated at how long it takes to FINISH the project (ie the entire scrapbook) it is because of this that I really don't scrapbook.. EVER!!!

This said, last month I took part in Stampinoutalzheimers and one of the challenges was a memory box. I have a niece who is 5 who lives out west so I don't get to see her very often, she is absolutely adorable!! Anyways, she was one of my flower girls for my wedding 2 years ago and she was dancing in the kitchen at my moms between the ceremony and the reception and our photographers got this pic which I just love!! I had some cutting files from a challenge over at Visual Designs By Chris , which believe it or not I had used to create a scrapbook page for.. HAHA anyways I changed my title and which dancers I used and a little bit of the background and then stuck it to the inside of a plastic tube I had left from some paintbrushes I had. Now I have somewhere to put any drawings she sends me. (she usually draws all over giftwrap since my brother usually wraps using white computer paper and duct tape.. what can i say.. he's a guy!!) LOL.

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