Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My Memories Suite software... Need your input?!

Could I be a scrapbooker after all???

Well since I now have my 2 year old and 2 month old now I'm finding myself more and more wishing I enjoyed scrapbooking. I don't want to just put the kids photos in a book, and I cannot imagine paying someone else to do it for me when I have all the supplies necessary already.....
I've looked into Digi scrapping before since I know how to use Photoshop a bit but the idea of scouring the net for embellishments and masks to use or spending endless hours making my own just does NOT appeal to me! Is much rather spend the time with my family or making other papercrafts in my "spare time" (whatever that is lol).

I've seen tons of scrapbooking software out there but they all seem to not quite get me excited enough to try them. Either they are limited to their own pages and elements or you can add your own in but you have to track them all down or create them first (at which point I may as well just stick with Photoshop right?).
Anyways long story short (like I know how to really do that... Yeah right!!) I came across this software and am actually thinking "have they met me? How did they know I needed this??"

It has layouts in the software and even pre designed albums (themed of course), lots of embellishments to choose from and you can customize all the pre done stuff too so you're not stuck with their exact layout or choice of embellishment. I know I know theres other software out there that has this ... But it also has a whole store full of new layouts, masks, embellishments, themed kits and often freebie ones there too. That's not why I think it's for me though... This is: it has the ability to open one of their pre designed albums and then just click on the lazy button (just kidding it's not called that) seriously though it has a quick fill or auto fill (not sure of the exact wording) feature so you pick the file on your computer with the pictures you want in that album (Christmas pictures or summer pictures etc etc etc) and it will fill the album in for you placing horizontal and vertical pictures in appropriate openings. You can either just leave it like that and be done a whole album in minutes OR you can then play around with it and mice stuff around, delete things, change the embellishments etc etc. You can even add audio!!! So a baby album with audio of baby laughing or babbling or Christmas album narrated with some favourite moments. You can leave it digital or print it. You can use it to print cards, calendars etc. You can then add traditional elements to them too if you want. Oh did I mention their website also has tutorials? I joined their Facebook page too and they have lots of great stuff posted there all the time too!

I think I will ask for it for Christmas from DH and the kids. Before I do though I WANT TO KNOW WHAT YOU THINK!!! Have any of you used this software before? Do you like/love/hate it? Tell me all the nitty gritty!!!

I signed up for newsletter and some other stuff and I have a discount code to share if you dint have it already and decide to get it too (yup a few people commented and messaged me and I am convinced now I think). Here's the code for you to use :

Use code STMMMS60098 at checkout to save $10

This will give you $10 off. There is also a $10 coupon in the software for more layouts or whatever from their site. So ends up being $29.99 for the program plus $10 worth of extra stuff. Yay!! Now I just have to convince DH that I need it early!!


  1. Digi scrapping is the only way to scrap when you have kids, the little ones who want to "help"... you can get up leave to tend your baby and KNOW that your 2 year old is NOT getting the scissors and cutting his hair... or getting your glue and glitter and having a hay day... You only have 5 minutes... that is time enough to start a page... or tweak a page... no need to empty the crafting supply closet every time you want to be creative... the end.

  2. I have been using it for a few weeks and am still learning all it can do, but I love it. I hadn't really looked into digi scrapbooking before and never had done it before, so in all honesty, I don't have anything to compare it to, though.

    I actually use it for all kinds of things that are not scrapbooking, too, like for elements on my blog, etc.

    They have so much free and inexpensive stuff on their website, not to mention all the giveaways. I haven't had to scour the internet looking for what I want. Although, again, I am just beginning.

    They are super helpful - if you ever have a question they get back to right away, or if you post it on the facebook page everyone jumps right in to help.

    I really like it.

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  4. I bought mms in May after a long search for a way to save my photos with captions other than an online photo site. I actually have a domain and site but realized I only used it for storing photos as I sell my wares on etsy. So, search-search-search for what to do with them and save the money of a domain! enter MMS. It lets me have one or more photos on a page, add captions, and narration or music too. I have made hundreds of pages since May and many albums using the Quick Fill option. Since going digital, I take Hundreds of photos on a trip to say, Disneyworld, and want to keep most of them but......
    with the quick fill option I do just as you said. I fill the album then check them to see if I want to crop them to a different area or add embellishments or whatever. it IS quick and has enabled me to do hundreds of photos in a very few minutes.
    I have bought some kits from the MMS shop and one from an outside designer but mostly use freebie kits and items I find online.
    I have had a wonderful time doing this and it's no mess since it's on the computer and very, dare I say cheap?, because of the free items available, and no storage problems! everything is always available.
    I have Paint Shop Pro but have only used it a few times to crop a photo. I'm not in to making embellishments for myself-though I could-there are just too many already out there and lots for free.
    I love this program and am working my way back through my thousands of photos hoping to be able to cancel my domain photo gallery and just enjoy them at home. I also have burned dvd's to share with family or watch on the TV!
    You won't be sorry if you get this program. You can make pages as simple or involved as you like-it's a super time saver.

  5. You can be a hybrid scrapper like me - a little digi and a little real stuff! I love it.

  6. I used to be a huge stamper and now I almost exclusively MMS digital scrap because it is so much more convenient! I have 3 kiddos and like others have said, no worries they will get into my stuff. There is virtually no mess! And, it is so fast and you can make multiple gifts for family by creating one album and printing it several times! I could go on forever, but the kiddos are waiting....you will never regret it! It's super easy too and so you can get pages done quickly when you have a few moments in between baby duty!

  7. I am using this same program to do the yearbook for my daughter's hockey team. I have NEVER done digital scrapbooking before, and I am finding that it is fun and a lot easier than I would have thought!

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