Saturday, October 22, 2011

Gift bag from Art Philosophy cartridge

Okay so sure there's some boxes and a regular gift bag ON the cartridge but how about one made from one of the label shapes???

I cut one of the many label shapes from the Art Philosophy cricut cartridge and measured 3/4 inches from center on the long side each way and scored a line. Then I measured the same distance in from each edge on the short side and scored. Fold up and you get a cute little gift bag!!
I have done this before with my Spellbinders grand label dies but this is so much easier!!!
To get the white edge like you would with a spellbinder die simple cut the same shape a little smaller and then use the negative over your bigger cutout and sponge ink onto it through the opening. (hope this makes sense).

I finished it off with a strip of red and a 3D flower (there are 6 different ones on the cartridge and they take less than a minute to assemble!).

I made this at the demonstration day for Carousel Rubber Stamps for something to do in between people watching the actual demonstration of the cricut itself.

Oh and I couldn't help but add the picture of that cute little girl I cut from the once upon a princess cartridge out of magnet forever ago! I have been making these cuties up to package up as gifts for all the little girls I know. They are cut from magnetic sheets from the dollar store (they have adhesive on top meant to stick a photo onto so you can just stick your cardstock down on it!). I plan to cut the clothes to fit the dolls to go in the package too and the girls can "dress" them up. :)

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