Thursday, November 14, 2013

Crafting WITH my kids

On Sunday we had a party put on by the Military Family Resource Center to celebrate the half way point of the HMCS Toronto deployment. I had volunteered to do crafts with the kids for this.

My kids were using my eBosser by Craftwell to help me make card bases for the other families of the deployed members of the HMCS Toronto to use for our craft at the half way deployment party I figured we'd make a video. Of course one video turned into 2 since one child is not to be outdone by the other. :) 

Before you go watch the videos would you like to see some pictures from the Half-Way Deployment party?

Of course you do right?!

Here are the cards that resulted from the videos they made (see below for the videos). These are the ones Michael made.

Here are some fun things the kids made to send to their deployed loved ones... with the exception of that picture in the bottom left of this group... that would be a picture of a chunk of Samantha's hair and the piece of paper she was trying to cut her hand prints out of when her pigtail go in the way resulting in cut hair.

The top pics of this group are a mail-able hug and if you click on the picture to enlarge it you can probably even read it. I used the poem from the book "The Paper Hug". Basically it's the kids hand prints cut out and attached with a length of ribbon that was measured to be the length of their outstretched arms. The poem was added to the middle of the ribbon.

The bottom right is Reindeer poop aka Halloween smarties that we bought on clearance with a poem printed/cut out, ribbon looped through and laid across the smarties box  and then a return address mailing label that I whipped up stuck on to hold the ribbon in place and cover the side of the box that has Halloween pictures on it.

After crafting the Military Family Resource Center (MFRC) aka our second home lately had given all the kids tickets that they then used to "purchase" a loot bag and a bag of popcorn that they could have while watching The Croods movie. All of the kids (and moms) had a great time.

Watch as Michael, my 4 (and a half) year old demonstrates how to use the Craftwell eBosser to emboss a card.

Still don't believe it's that easy?? Watch my other video of my 2 year old using it.

DISCLAIMER: I am in NO way affiliated with Craftwell or the eBosser in any way.. just a product I love!

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