Sunday, April 17, 2011

How to use your Cricut class

Do you live in Halifax/Dartmouth area? Do you own a cricut machine but either don't know how to use it or are looking for more ways to use it? Have something specific you want to learn, etc???
I am teaching cricut classes now at Carousel Rubber Stamps in Dartmouth and would love to help getting you to use your machine more!!!

Please email myself or contact Carousel 902-464-9474 for more info or to let them know you're interested and exactly what you're looking to learn at a class. We need this info as I am trying to tailor the classes to those who want them.

There has already been 2 classes for the absolute beginner who has a machine but is not sure where to start. This class covers basics like keeping your mat useable for a long time, changing blades, how to use a cartridge and which buttons to press to get it to cut everything you can from the cartridges, what orientation to expect the images to cut, how to adjust the size for what you want... It also covers how to cut your layered images so the fit together properly. Lots more is covered in the class but it truly is a "basic" class and is not intended for more experienced users. This class will be offered again if there is enough people interested. You will see how to create a simple card with a layer during this class as well.

I am in the process of developing the second class in this series for the next step.... So far I will be including topics such as your extra function buttons and when/why to use them (these are the fit to page,fit to length, auto fill, quantity, etc buttons as well as the multicut feature, center point, etc. Basically all of those buttons between the display and the keyboard overlay.

Looking to develop more advanced classes as well... Perhaps a class on using Design Studio?? Maybe you know how to use the machine but are looking for ideas we could do a class on making embossing folders from cereal boxes? Maybe you want to see other materials cut such as magnet, vinyl, chipboard, stencil plastic, acetate, etc with some tips and tricks??

The classes will be made to suit those interested so speak up!!!!! :)

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