Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Blog Help Video

Today I am sharing a video tutorial series on how to create a blog post and the various elements included with that.

I have started to participate in a lot of blog hops (as well as help organize a large number of them) and there are a few very common problems and questions regarding the posting of these.

Whether you actually participate in blog hops or not you may find this video useful just for a little blogger walkthrough,

Included in this video series is:

  • Part 1: Changing your time zone
  • Part 2: Schedule your post to go "live" at a specific date/time and actually have it post properly

  • Part 3: Find the Permalink/Deep URL (or direct post link) for your post before it's actually live on your blog
  • Part 4: Generate a "preview" link to share with a hop organizer (or other person) so that they can see your post ahead of time WARNING: the link you will get for this is only good for a short amount of time
  • Part 6: Add labels to your post
  • Part 7: Add photos
  • Part 8: Add video

I haven't actually completed the videos for part 6,7 and 8 yet but wanted to get this posted for everyone to see the first 5. :) I will edit this post as the other videos get finished.






Please contact me if you have any further questions or comments on this subject.

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