Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Cricut and gypsy screens (and possible upcoming giveaway)

I recently won a copy of Karin's gypsy screens and am loving it!!
Basically it is a collection of the images from the back of all the cartridge boxes. Now when I'm looking for an image but don't remember what the exact cartridge is that has it but only need a little memory jog instead of pulling out all of my handbooks and flipping through them 1 at a time I have all the back of the box images on my gypsy photos so I can just flip through and find the cartridge I'm looking for.
You can also get it as a PDF file from her for your iPhone/iPod/iPad or whatever else you might use a PDF on that is the same collection of images in PDF.
Go check out more about these and see some samples here>
Also, keep your eyes out on my blog over the next while as I just might be having a giveaway for one of these!! ;)


  1. Hi Darla, The web address didn't work for me. Just wondering how a person would get a copy of this PDF. Thanks. Such a geat idea. Gloria

    Visit my blog - would love more members.

  2. Gloria and Darla, I recently changed my blog to and the link for order the cartridge screens is The link for ordering the cartridge screens is ... don't worry, the prices are very reasonable at $2.99 and $5.99 respectively :)


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